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Lord Jesus, You made a way when it was impossible to please God with our works or lives. You made a way through Your death on the Cross. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord, for your grace. May my life be transformed by it forever. Amen.


Our Pastor & Wife

Pastor Phil and Carey Middle Aged Couple
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Grace Church

A United Methodist Congregation

2130 Country Club Road

Palestine, Texas 75803

by Phone- 903-723-6143

What life-giving thing can you do to help someone today?

Phil & Carey Chamberlin


Grace Church runs on a simple notion: that Jesus isn't mad at us. In fact, Jesus loves all of us regardless of our background, experience or brokenness. Jesus wants us to love Him back and follow Him in His Way and His Plan. When we follow Jesus, He helps us in our troubles and walks us through life and guides us to living out the destiny He has for us. So, with that short introduction, we welcome you! Thank you for choosing Grace. We promise not to waste your time, but to give you meaningful worship, life-giving teaching and a faithful family to belong. God bless you!

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